Fading Glory

Fading Glory
The Empire has fallen!

Fading Glory centers around the fall of a mighty millennia spanning Orran Empire. Over the ages the Empire secured new lands and built imposing border walls and fortresses to keep out the evils of the uncivilized world.

This campaign will focus on one such frontier fort far away from the thriving metropolises of the heartlands. The characters will deal with old enemies once thought vanquished rising to tear at the carcass of a dying Empire as well as dealing with the personal issues of being stranded so far from their homes and loved ones during a time of great peril and consequence.

For more information on the setting of Fading Glory, check out the Wiki page as that will be populated with as much background material as I can muster at any given point.

The ruleset for this game is homegrown but loosely based on the rules for Infinity the game. Why? The rules for Infinity have a very cinematic quality to them while remaining fairly simple. The biggest additions to the rules would be magic and skills.


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